We are so very excited to be announcing our upcoming 2019 season. This year we are focusing on diverse topics and playwrights, examining topics that are so near to our home and people who share our city. We are also thrilled to be partnering with emerging playwrights, new on-stage talent, and guest directors.

Special thank you to ECGRA and Erie Arts and Culture for funding our 2019 season!


Hatful of Rain opening February 1st

This production was originally produced in the 1950s and examines quite realistically the trauma of the opiod addiction problem.  While our country continues to be in the midst of this crisis, focusing on the human level and the community level is what this production aims to discuss.


The Proletariat opening March 8th

The Proletariat is a new play written by Erie native Ernest Hemmings. Hemmings, who lives in the Las Vegas area, has presented shows at PACA before and we are excited to produce another one of his plays.  His witty dialogue engages the audience is a whirlwind of ideas, usually brought to light in seemingly simple situations. When a plot to organize the workers at a call center is discovered, management calls a meeting to put an end to the uprising. The meeting devolves into an interrogation and we soon discover that the workers are willing to sacrifice everything, including their solidarity, for a chance to be part of the bourgeoisie. In a time when workers rights are waning and well-paying jobs are at a premium, this conversation will examine how this region is dealing with the struggles that workers must face in order to survive.


An American Daughter opening April 26th

Written by award-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein this drama examines two key issues that are prevalent in our communities, political discourse which also lends itself to divisiveness and the treatment of women in the political arena. Wasserstein is well-known in the local theatre community, but this is one production that has yet to be explored in Erie.


Terminius opening June 7th

Terminius, is also a play by an emerging playwright about the struggles of racism. While set in the south, this story brings to light issues that all communities seem to face, especially in Erie as it was thrust into the light as one of the worst cities for African-American people. The story follows two main characters:  Eller Freeman and her grandson Jaybo who live together down by the railroad tracks. When Eller’s health and sanity begin to fade, her tragic and violent past haunts her from the very walls of the old family home. On the verge of discovering love and a place in the world, seventeen-year-old Jaybo struggles to provide what his wily grandmother needs most.


Sex with Strangers opening July 12th

Written by Laura Eason, this comedy directed by Craig Schneider follows twenty-something star sex blogger and memoirist Ethan tracks down his idol, the gifted but obscure forty-ish novelist Olivia, he finds they each crave what the other possesses. As attraction turns to sex, and they inch closer to getting what they want, both must confront the dark side of ambition and the trouble of reinventing oneself when the past is only a click away. Directed by Craig Schneider.


Night of the Living Dead, the Musical opening October 4th

Based on the script of the original 1968 movie, but a musical! Open auditions will be announced soon and will take place in early August.