Moving Forward

551454_746246182096005_3414705937462913019_nThe sounds of hammers and drills are once again permeating the space at 1505 State Street. PACA is building again and this time we are branching out to more of our friends.

Last winter Triple Threat performing studio, an innovative arts company that focused on educating young people in acting, vocal, and dance performance, approached PACA about a possible collaboration. Their curriculum and vision were different than what we had seen before, focusing on technique and not just on the end product. The problem was Triple Threat was losing their home and needed a place to thrive. They approached us about building a partnership.

After several discussions, that is what we did and what we are currently doing. PACA is building space for performing arts teachers to teach their classes, using their own curricula and pedagogy and developing a schedule with other artists in our shared space. PACA will manage the schedule, provide the new space including a waiting area for parents, and help new artists promote their classes.

This renovation is all part of PACA’s mission to maintain a self-sustaining artistic performance and visual arts space venue, where independent artists and artistic companies can present their work to the public. PACA is a regional performance, instructional, and exhibition space for the use of the widest range of artists and educators in the Erie community.

While the development of an arts education space is not entirely new to the Erie area, this business model is, giving artists autonomy and more financial control over their own classes and schedules. PACA provides support to keep the artists focused on their art and their students; we help them promote their classes and give them the ability to market to potential students outside of their individual networks.
If you would like to help us continue this mission, please consider donating to this project. All donations to PACA are tax deductible.