PACA ART GALLERY is an exhibit/performance space established, supported and operated by

artists. Its mission is to promote exemplary and challenging work in a non-commercial alternative

setting. It acts as a laboratory where artists can experiment with new ideas and diverse media to

advance their work. It makes available to its gallery supporters and ERIE community educational

programs such as discussions, critiques, and classes that further artistic diversity and innovation in

the context of a collaborative network.



1. To create dialogue and community growth by bringing in outside art shows

2. Increase visibility of local artist and downtown.

3. Facilitate local artist to sell their work out of state

4. Create monthly classes for local residents to continue their education. (ie: printmaking or


5. Promote the ERIE arts to outside opportunities


Interested in renting the gallery for a show? Want to be part of Erie’s Gallery Night? Email us at for more information.