Jon MillerContributions made to PACA through the idea of keeping the art scene alive through the memory of Jon Miller by:

Michelle Fladd | Judy Bekeny | Patty Farrell | Diane Valahovic | Amy Chevalier | Catherine Amick | Mary Nowak | Leanne and Scott Morton | Jon’s Clark Elementary School Family | Karen and Paul Carpenedo | Lisa and Tom Kaveney | Mary Ticchhione | Patrick and Kathryn Magil

Contributions made to PACA in memory of Brett Duckett to aid the progress of our artistic community by:

Laurie and Bruce Lawrence & Pamela Carullo

Other major contributions by:

Edward Hobart Tonkin & Bob Martin

And to all those who have supported PACA throughout the years, thank you!

Dr. Dominic Sciamanda | Jewish Community Council of Erie | Greater Erie Alliance for Equality | Sherman Williams Paint, Peach Street Location | Lisa Nathansan and Jan Woods | Joanna and John Bush | Duskas Taylor Funeral Home | Sandra Renner | Marc Prosser | Janine and Richard Dreyfus | Rick Lopez | Joe and Betsy Butoryak | Lemac Packaging | Freida Tepfer | Erie Day School | Larese Floral | Voodoo Brewery | Erie Design Partners

PACA is a non-profit 501c3 community collective of artists that relies on your support to keep the arts alive.

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