Dances classes at PACA

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Dance classes at PACA

Bellydance with Vikki

Tuesdays 7-8 pm

Vikki blends American Tribal Style Belly dance with fusion elements of other dance forms. Focus is on strengthening core muscle groups and isolations while enjoying the beauty of an ancient art form.

To register contact Vikki Krugger:


Chromatic Dance Session with Alethea

Monday evening 5-7 pm session April 9 through May 21

Chromatic dance™ is a dance curriculum and practice for all ages. It is a movement practice that explores the essence of dance; where movement originates within your body and how movement is related to music, rhythm and culture. Chromatic dance™ can also be described as a personal movement study for the body. Some of the dance techniques utilized in training and practice are modern, ballet and rhythmic dance. Eastern movement forms, like yoga and butoh are also incorporated into classes as guided movement explorations. No prior dance experience is necessary in order to attend a Chromatic dance™ class – only a willingness to enjoy and be empowered by movement.



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