Attack of The PACA

Now in it’s third year, Attack of the PACA is a unique three-day festival that brings together all the arts under one roof.  PACA’s mission has always been to support all areas of the arts and Attack of the PACA highlights this ongoing endeavor.

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The annual “Attack of the PACA” is a mélange of our highly diversified arts offerings. We seek the most original works which appeal to a finely honed alternative audience. Many of these audiences are otherwise under-served or completely bypassed by the more traditional arts organizations. These smaller artistic offerings give untested artists a chance to showcase their work and test the waters of performance.

This annual event also allows PACA to express our vision and mission and to attract and serve a new and developing audience. This audience once served and nurtured has consistently reemerged and supported other more mainstream arts and culture events after being exposed to the work at PACA.

Our 2015 Attack of the PACA will be held on August 7, 8, and 9th

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