PACA 2018 Season

Summer and Fall Productions


This summer PACA will mount the incredibly powerful and technically advanced production of Equus, by Peter Shaffer. We have teamed up with Erie arts and technicians to produce this heart-wrenching production of a psychiatrist who attempts to heal a young boy who has blinded 6 horses. Artistically profound and moving performances by established and new faces.

Opening July 13 and running three weekends through July 28.



Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

This classic tale written by Edward Albee and starring Patty Corella, examines the complexities of marriage and influences on other people.

Opening September 13 and running for 3 weeks until September 29.


Gorey Stories

Who doesn’t like a little morbid poetry? The works of Edward Gorey will be on stage this October, featuring the fantastical, creepy and gothic poems and tales that have been delighting audiences for decades. A visually enchanting evening!

Opening October 12 and running until October 27.





PACA Presents theatrical performances are directed and performed by seasoned actors and directors. We are always welcoming new performers into this distinguished group. If you are interested in performing or directing with us, please talk with Mark about your qualifications, come to an audition, or show us some clips of your work.  Our board makes the final determination whether a show will be presented in the following year’s line-up.

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